PODCAST | The Age of Social Media (The Saxon Series Episode 6)

PODCAST | The Age of Social Media (The Saxon Series Episode 6)
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In this final episode (Or is it…) of the Saxon Series, we delve into the wonders of social media, and what it has done for Low Saxon so far. Podcasts, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, TikTok… Which one(s) should we pick? And should we?

We discover how the older generations are still a bit adverse to the idea of being on camera. They were raised in a time when cameras were newfangled things, far away from their daily lives. Nowadays, everyone has a camera and a digital studio in their pockets. And everyone is much more digitally savvy. Is Low Saxon missing the boat?

Martin points out that there is minor coverage of Low Saxon or in Low Saxon online. Yet, as younger generations are increasingly more eager to know about their history, we see an uptick in content being created. Often, we see the images perpetuated of a language stuck in the previous century. But Martin notices more and more calls for serious language material.


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