Wearldspråke hosts new English podcast: The Saxon Series

Wearldspråke hosts new English podcast: The Saxon Series

In this new series of podcasts, Low Saxon connoisseurs Chris Canter and Martin ter Denge bare all about the Low Saxon language and sass it up. In English, for a change, because that has been long overdue. There are Dutch, German, and Low Saxon podcasts on this language, but no one except a few traditional outlets had made an effort to lift the veil on this historically and linguistically relevant world language yet. Until now.

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In this episode
This first episode covers the very basics: what exactly is Low Saxon? Why does it have so many names? Where is it spoken? By whom? What are its unique features?

About the hosts
Chris Canter (Zwolle, 1980) is a multilingual writer and translator. Martin ter Denge (Riessen, 1985) is a copywriter, translator, musician and language saxivist, and wearldsproake originator. Both are speakers of their respective local dialects of Low Saxon, and have been actively promoting its use for years through various cultural expressions.


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