The Saxon Series | New Century, New Opportunities – Saxon goes digital (Ep. 5)

The Saxon Series | New Century, New Opportunities – Saxon goes digital (Ep. 5)

As we finally enter the 21st century, Chris and Martin explore the dawn of the internet. They discuss the introduction of Low Saxon in schools, cultural expressions such as films and music, and devote a large chunk of this episode to the significance of the Low Saxon Wikipedia.


Low Saxon in Schools

Martin and Chris start out by discussing how schools in the Netherlands and Germany deal with Low Saxon, if ever. Germany is in the lead here. They talk about the difference between the ‘cultural nod’ and the actual teaching of Saxon, and go over the ‘curricular principles for Low Saxon’ currently being developed by the Iesselakkedemie in the Netherlands.

Low Saxon Cultural Initiatives

They then talk about Van Jonge Leu en Oale Groond and Boven Wotter, soap operas produced in various forms of Dutch Low Saxon at the start of the 21st century; some animated series that made use of Saxon; a recent feature film spoken mostly in Saxon, ‘De beentjes van Sint-Hildegard’ (‘The Marriage Escape’, 2020); and a classic television series in Saxon, ‘Bartje’ (1972).


Next up is Saxon on the Internet, specifically on Wikipedia. Why are there separate German and Dutch Low Saxon Wikipedias? And what do the stats and participation levels tell us about how well they’re doing?

About your hosts

Martin ter Denge (Ryssen, 1985) is a multilingual writer and translator. He (co-)hosts Saxon podcasts ‘Werldspråke’ and ‘WATATA’, available on Spotify and elsewhere. This year saw the publication of his first book, ‘Tukkerspotten’, a cultural A to Z of the region of Twente. Chris Canter (Zwolle, 1980) is a multilingual writer and translator as well. He is a regular contributor to Saxon magazines ‘Roet’ and ‘Zinnig’, and his short story collection ‘Moenen’ was published in 2019. Both hosts are also among the principal writers at the Dutch Low Saxon Wikipedia.


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