PODCAST | The Rise and Fall of Low Saxon (The Saxon Series, episode 2)

PODCAST | The Rise and Fall of Low Saxon (The Saxon Series, episode 2)

In this second episode, we discuss whether Low Saxon can or should be considered a language or a dialect (group). Next, Martin argues that the truest form of Low Saxon is to be found in Germany, while Chris politely disagrees. They dive into the history of Low Saxon, from Old Saxon through Middle Low German (what? why not ‘Saxon’?), when the language has its heyday, to its subsequent decline, and to the romanticism of the 19th century, when scholarly and literary interest in regional languages is rising.

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About The Saxon Series

This podcast is hosted by Wearldspråke, an internet magazine dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Low Saxon language. There was a modest drip of information coming out on this beautiful language online, just not in English yet.

About the hosts:

A multilingual writer and translator, Chris Canter (Zwolle, 1980) is the author of a Low Saxon story collection, ‘Moenen’ (2019), and a regular contributor to Low Saxon magazines Roet and Zinnig. Martin ter Denge (Ryssen, 1985) is the author of ‘Tukkerspotten’ (2021), a book about the culture and Low Saxon language of Twente, the host of Low Saxon webzine Wearldspråke, and one of the creators of a unified Saxon spelling system, the Nysassiske Skryvwyse.


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